• When the residents of Parc Estevão go to work, they head for the local rubbish dump. Face Up reports. http://t.co/LGVyR5o7td
  • Mike Daley explains that practicing the virtue of reverence isn’t as difficult – or boring – as it sounds. http://t.co/3N6H1Sv2E7
  • Silas from Rwanda used his business brain to kickstart his football career. Here's how... http://t.co/KNyXBVU6v9
  • Study more! Look hot! Be popular! The pressures piled on us are endless. But our top advice will help you cope... http://t.co/3R7fg0nHXr
  • One woman has dedicated her life to campaigning for the abolition of the death penalty worldwide. Face Up reports. http://t.co/O1vEEz8zGi

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Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom

A collection of reflections and humorous quotes to help you through your day… October 2010

Life doesn’t have to be rubbish

Life doesn’t have to be rubbish

When the residents of Parc Estevão go to work, they don’t saunter into plush air-conditioned offices, a latte in one hand and a mobile in the other. They head for the local dump. Rachel Fitzgerald reports. October 2010



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